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Louis Vuitton Ursula Strass Grey Glitter Oakley Sunglasses Oakley Active Green Yellow Carrera Daytona Red Black Light Grey cheap sunglasses nly our opinions and preferences, but on the re-actions and actions of others, due to a chain reaction of mutual influences and manipulations recognizable pattes (modes, tren,Louis Vuitton Ursula Strass Grey Glitter,ds, panics) arise. We comply with our natural imitation behavior, constantly from others. This causes constantly changing social contagion effects (developments): We are IN and TO are: "All,Oakley Sunglasses, have an iPhone, I want one too!" People have always
    decide emotionally and justify rationally with physical or mental primary situations human = nature and cultures,Oakley Active Green Yellow, (body, soul, spirit), work differently than all other living things, such as: We have a strong Go?hi (cortex) and reason (Enlightenment, Reformation) We can literally writing (verbal. letters , numbers, symbols), with images graphics a,Carrera Daytona Red Black Light Grey,nd photos kommunizieren.Wir communicate using technology also enables chronologically and in-direkt.Wir think meaningf,cheap sunglasses,ul-oriented: Be-interpretation, logical intellectual content, guilty ... We can analyze ourselves, abstracting and strategies vorausdenken.Wir own instinct ('gut feeling' heart ') and intuition (' hearts and minds') people are semi-autonomous (in-ter-conscious control) acting beings that control their behavior according to ethics and morals. beneficial or harmful . cultures have interest-based (meaning and purpose) FIXED networks (infrastructure) frKommunikation: Inteet, telephone, radio, ... information (processes): wikipedia, facebook, twitter, ... mobility: roads, railways, aircraft, shi ********** glass1122...
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