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Louis Vuitton Trophy Red Sky Blue Oakley Sunglasses Oakley Active Clear Yellow Carrera Daytona Gold Black Grey cheap sunglasses nd opinions.> The Humanities Science (economics, business administration, operations research, law and economics, etc., etc.) models of decision-making situations with game theory (,Louis Vuitton Trophy Red Sky Blue,mathematics) where multiple participants interact with each other. You tried doing inter alia derive conflict situations [all stakeholders] - the rational decision-making behavior in social,Oakley Sunglasses, - emotional. The theory distinguishes inkooperatives andnot-cooperative behavior> Source: ? ? by / wiki / ...; [author] Here we see (act together already the cr,Oakley Active Clear Yellow,ucial difference between application
    ecology. , coexistence) und?konomie (economies together, yield thinking, cooperation). The Game Theory is also used for war-planning! It analyzes inter alia the unknown future behavior,Carrera Daytona Gold Black Grey, of Gegners.Merke: people have a free choice and decision-divorce options: Do I want to lead and steer or under-arrang,cheap sunglasses,e me? Pro and contra? Cooperation or Confrontation? People be valued and ver-urteilen.Die nature allows us sympathy and Empathie.Merke: This is impossible in nature> The term empathy is the ability to thoughts, emotions, intentions, and personality characteristics of another person or an animal! - or even non-living things - to recognize and understand. For empathy and their own re-action belongs to the feelings of others, such as Pity, sadness, pain or auxiliary pulses [> helper syndrome] [Often the partners emotions, despite their non-verbal communication, not recognized or misinterpreted!]> ********** glass1122...
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