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ساخت وبلاگ sunglasses sale ray ban sunglasses oakley sunglasses coach sunglas,,ses ion Cygnus we come to the third picture this summer group, the eagle, al,sunglasses sale,so located in the Milky Way. The shimmering light band of the summer Milky Way stretches in an arc across the night sky. It rises up from the southe horizon, runs throu,ray ban sunglasses,gh Sagittarius, eagle and swan and falls through Cassiopeia and Perseus down to the northe horizon. The full splendor of the Milky Way ap,oakley sunglasses,pears to the observer but only at locations far away from towns and cities, where the view is not in the stars affected by the scattered light from artificial light sou,coach sunglasses,rces. The weak diffuse band of light dissolves into a pair of binoculars in millions of fine points of light. Interspersed between one encounters galactic nebulae and apparently starless areas, so-called dark clouds, which are nothing other than interstellar dust clouds that includes the light of distant stars verschlucken.In northeasterly direction at the Pegasus Star chain of Andromeda. The northe coer of the square of Pegasus to Andromeda heard it already. A little north of Andromeda one encounters Cassiopeia, the big sky-W. While the Big Dipper in the northwest sinks deeper and deeper, the heaven-W rises higher and higher up and seeks the zenith zu.Im high standing southwest of the Northe Crown and the Hercules two other known constellations. The Hercules is home to two bright globular cluster, M13 and M92, both of which are already seen in binoculars as a faint light spots. M13 is so bright that it can be seen under good conditions under dark skies with the naked eye kann.Tief the east rises the Serpent Bearer over the horiz glass1122...
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