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woolrich arctic parka norge Parajumpers Oslo canada goose LANGFORD parka parajumpers jakker salg ?The first and most obvious thing we noticed was the space. Even with the first IPod classic there was over 6gb of space for all of your songs, this was due to the mini hard-disk placed inside the player. This was a revolut,woolrich arctic parka norge,ion at the time since nearly all mp3 players used solid state drives that would average between 32 and 64mb. Consumers suddenly realised that it would be possible to store your entire music collection on a single devic,Parajumpers Oslo,e and take it anywhere with you. Even today it is quite amazing the storage capacity of even the standard IPod which weighs in at over 120gb. There are very few people in the world that couldnt fit their whole music collection on,canada goose LANGFORD parka,to an IPod, no matter what kind of music they are into!The IPod also had a design like no other. It was smooth and white ,parajumpers jakker salg,all over with no clunky buttons or switches. It was often remarked that if Microsoft had designed the IPod it would have about a hundred more buttons to do the same thing. The scroll wheel in the centre of the player was also a stroke of genius, with one flick of your thumb you could now navigate hundreds of albums in seconds with pin-point accuracy. Its widely thought the IPod would never have bee ********** glass1122...
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