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ساخت وبلاگ sunglasses ray ban sunglasses oakley sunglasses bvlgari sunglasses,, ? But now it's about something completely new. Science research to dat,sunglasses,e in the Old Energy. As long as they still do that, they will be limited. No matter how they declared their results then, it will not be the whole truth können.Wenn you w,ray ban sunglasses,ant to enter new energy into your life, you have only one option: allow, in principle, permit. It only happens with this open, unvoreingeno,oakley sunglasses,mmenden attitude. It is a process which takes time and experience. Watching you. Feel! Changes in you, even in your body will show you the links. No matter how, when, whe,bvlgari sunglasses,re and what brings about the New Energy, every time it will develop new and present themselves differently. New energy can not repeat things. Can only repeat old energy. Repetition and expansion includes both off. But when it is there, you should not run away, but to respond and make something of it. That is how a new invitation for further expansion. Decisions are not you abgenommen.Irgendwann we will write a book about experiences with the new energy. Not as a guide. You will find nothing like so in your life. There will be only examples can motivate you to set out for the new and to experience it in your own way. They are unique, and the New Energy creates even unique. Before sexuality with the same inclusive, I'll give you at least one example of what New Energy can hervorbriungen so everything: We cook with gas. A gas cylinder is used up usually after 4-5 months. Three months ago, I checked the last bottle and found that she had to be as good as empty. Normally I would have replaced it then equal to in the next few days did n glass1122...
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