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ساخت وبلاگ sunglasses sale ray ban sunglasses oakley sunglasses burberry sung,,lasses hapter and creates the energy of the EXTENSION. This energy has been ,sunglasses sale,and first provides for turbulence that are seen and felt everywhere. Concurrently with the Mayan cycles. Do not worry, there's no doomsday. We are in the most comprehensi,ray ban sunglasses,ve change in all earth throb. A transition period has come to help us, the old, limited and perceptions gradually loszulassen.Und now it is,oakley sunglasses, really exciting! How does the New Energy? How can I adjust it? What can I expect? How can I create with New Energy? What works against the creative power of this energy? ,burberry sunglasses,About the mind here is no more. The mind blocked what is inconceivable. He has not had its day, but he gets a new role. He keeps us here on Earth, so we do not answer. But he will now become our "agents", and its dominance is different new forces arising in us entfalten.Die turmoil because man continues polar oriented and it holds. He sought after as before to get the old, familiar system maintain and improve on. This works less and less, as we can see everywhere. In what is now crowned with success, already plugged the New Energie.Neue energy "works", but rather carries with it the consciousness of pure expansion. In the moment when you look in a certain direction and expect something from there, stay in the old energy. New energy can not by ideas and expectations you begrenzen.Beobachten the coming months and years. You will see things in great and small, that were not previously imagined. It's already underway. Always new phenomena occur. Scientists are faced with ever-new puzzles. It's great what they have studied in all the epochs glass1122...
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