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ساخت وبلاگ sunglasses ray ban sunglasses oakley sunglasses bvlgari sunglasses,, ught, a new world and world order in democracy and peace for alle.1974,sunglasses, I took in Darmstadt, in part with my friend Gerd, the Argentine television, in a meeting with him the holistic healing methods dealt. With my then 29 years ago, that was,ray ban sunglasses, not really my subject, but rather that of Gerd, devoted to his work in television with this matter. On the other hand, I was very curious ,oakley sunglasses,and excited about what I leave because it wird.Wenn still remember correctly I was the organizer, a psychiatrist, in middle age, with the therapeutic feedback, with and w,bvlgari sunglasses,ithout hypnosis, addressed scientifically . He takes three or four people in the audience back into their past and continue soll.Imposant in previous lives, lives that have already lived the participants that was, but if I had now expected that Napoleon or Louis XIV in the My audience, I was disappointed. It all just normal people were in a normal, previous life that told about perfectly normal experiences from their daily lives. The therapist took or rather in certain suffering and approaches the suspected cause of a latent passion to see in the present. Whether there are past lives was not an option. Most Anwesenten believed in it and the rest was even a certain logic in the Zusammenhängen.Dann was the absolute highlight. A young woman who was traced back found herself not in her past, but in the future, in another life. She was in the year 2042 our timing. The therapist was very focused now and asked her after things and things they recognize in this period. These queries are very difficult and lengthy and very slowly because concr glass1122...
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